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I have set up this site as a resource for everyone who wants to learn more about Tarot Astrology, Cosmo Astrology, or Cosmo Biology as it’s technically known.

Cosmobiology – an astrological system developed by Reinhold Ebertin that emphasized midpointsand the following hard aspectssemi-squaresquaresesquiquadrate and opposition.

What Cosmobiology is?

Cosmobiology is the school of astrology founded in the late 1930s by the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin (1901-1988) who was a student of the founder of the Hamburg School of Astrology Alfred Witte (1878-1941).

The main difference between the two schools is that Cosmobiology rejects the hypothetical Trans-Neptunian objects used by the Hamburg School and later Uranian astrologers. Another difference is the significant expansion of Cosmobiology into medical astrology, Dr. Ebertin being a physician.

Cosmobiology continued Alfred Witte’s later primary emphasis on the use of astrological midpoints along with the following 8th-harmonic aspects in the natal chart because he considered them to be the most potent in terms of personal influence: conjunction (0°), semi-square (45°), square (90°), sesquiquadrate (135°), and opposition (180°). Today, Uranian astrologers often extend to using the 16th harmonic (the aspects first proposed by Johannes Kepler), thus including the semi-octile (22.5°) and its multiples (45°, 67.5°, 90°, 112.5°, 135°, 157.5°).

In cosmobiological analysis, planets are inserted into a special type of horoscope often referred to as a ‘Cosmogram’ (derived from the Uranian 90° dial chart) and delineated.

The primary reference/research text for Cosmobiology was first published in 1940 by the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin. The name of the book is The Combination of Stellar Influences. The original German title is Kombination der Gestirneinflusse. Its foundations were derived largely from the early versions of the “Regelwerk für Planetenbilder” by Alfred Witte, and then further built upon by Ebertin and colleagues.

What is noteworthy about both Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology are their emphasis on critical analysis and testing by observing more clearly measurable or observable astrological correlations, rather than to simply perpetuate observations or assumptions written in historical astrological texts, a problem leading to widespread criticism of mainstream Classical Astrology.

For this reason, both Uranian Astrology and Cosmobiology are more likely to qualify as sciences, despite widespread historical biases against astrology due to the ambiguities of the still widely-used.

Some have speculated that the term “Cosmobiology” was coined specifically to divorce its precepts from the manifold ambiguities of, and subsequent widespread biases against, Classical Astrology.

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